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From Groaning to Glory 31/01/2016

Passage: Romans 8:17-27

Big idea: Though we may suffer in this life, our future glory is what guides us through our sufferings.

Christian Suffering and Glory 24/01/2016

Passage: Romans 8:12-18

Big Idea: The seven privileges that Christians possess as adopted children of God are changing us into becoming like Jesus in heart, word, and deed through suffering. These privileges meant that our main responsibility to God is to daily put our sinful deeds to death and share in Jesus’ sufferings by living for him.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 29/11/2015

PASSAGE: Romans 8:12-17

Big Idea:

We kill sin by the Spirit when we turn from sinful practices and turn our hearts from sinful motivations with a sense of our debt to God’d love and grace, by minding the things of the Spirit

Fighting Sin With the Holy Spirit 22/11/2015

PASSAGE: Romans 8:5-11

Big Idea:

Overview: The first (key) step to overcoming the sinful nature is to set, focus your mind (thoughts, desires) on what the Holy Spirit desires: how in Christ we are adopted, loved, remade in His likeness – and how this is worked out in our daily decisions.

True Freedom In Christ 15/11/2015

PASSAGE: Romans 8:1-4

Big Idea:

Everything that Jesus did for us was in order that we might live a holy life [ grow in Christ-likeness]. This should be our motivation to grow in Christ-likeness.

Living in the Light of the End 08/11/2015

PASSAGE: Daniel 7:1-4; Matthew 16:27-28

The Holy War 01/11/2015

PASSAGE: Romans 7:14-25

Big Idea:

Only when we realize that we’re helpless in our own strength to overcome our sinful nature – will we cry out, surrender to and depend on the Holy Spirit in our daily struggle to overcome sin.

Freedom from the Law 18/10/15

PASSAGE: Romans 7:1-13

Big Idea:

The Christian is not driven by the desire to conform to keep external rules, but driven by the Holy Spirit to love and serve God from heart. He does this by having his mind and heart becoming increasingly Christ-focused rather than self focused.

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