Workers Fellowship

Workers Fellowship is for those who have completed their studies and are ready to find out more about what it means to be a Christian as our primary profession. Our workers meet together every fortnight to study the Bible, with relaxed gatherings in small groups during the week to catch up with one another and review what we have been learning from God’s Word.


Fortnightly, every second Sunday 6:30pm


Beverly Hills


For those who have finished their tertiary studies

Current Leaders:

– Pastor Iru Wongso
– Joe Z


For more information or to join the Workers  group, contact Pastor Iru via email at or phone 0433 875 117.


Study 3 – Justification through Faith

Week ending – 23/11/2014


Romans 3:21 – 4:25


1. Why are we not able to boast in ourselves?

Righteousness is to attain right relationship with God characterised by sinlessness

  • Righteousness could have come through a full observation of the law however, no one has been declared righteous through this (3:20)
  • Rather it is apart from the Law, to which the Law and the Prophets testify, in which we are able to attain righteousness

That is, we who are all sinners, are justified (just as we have never sinned) through Christ who has been presented as a sacrifice of atonement

  • Referring to Lev 16, the Israelites had a day of atonement to cleanse themselves of sin

Justification from Christ extends beyond the Jews rather God is God of all (3:30).

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Study 2 – We are all Guilty

Week ending – 09/11/2014


Romans 1:18 – 3:20

The whole world is guilty of unrighteousness before God both Jew and Gentiles


1.Why did the God reveal his wrath upon the Gentiles, how is this wrath manifested?

Rom 1: 18 – 20:

  • Wrath of God is being revealed against all the godlessness and wickedness (unrighteousness) of men –> wickedness which suppresses the truth


  • The truth –> what may be known about God (v.19) –> God’s eternal power and divine nature (v.20)


  • This truth –> revealed through creation (natural revelation) (v.20) –> men without excuse (Weirsbe makes note that Human history began with man knowing God)
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Romans – An introduction from Paul

Romans – the Gospel


Romans as the name suggests was written to the church in Rome. The letter was likely written after the Corinthian letters. The Roman church was comprised of Gentiles with Jews occupying a substantial minority of the congregation.

The main theme of the letter was the basic gospel being Gods plan for salvation and sanctification for all. The purpose for the letter is as follows:

  • Preparation for Paul’s visit to Rome
  • Presentation of a basic system of salvation
  • Explain the relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the context of God’s plan

Romans is therefore an excellent follow up to Galatians as we build upon the knowledge of our salvation and its subsequent consequences.

Study 1

Week ending – 19/10/2014


Romans 1:1-17 – Paul’s Introduction of:

  • Himself
  • Gospel
  • His Concern for the Romans
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