May 13, 2015

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Social: Dinner and Mother’s Day Craft Night

Date 08/05/2015

Author: Crystal Ng (Leader)

Last friday night  we split into our respective bible study groups for external socials at Jasson’s place (the junior year 7-9 boys and girls), Enoch’s place (the senior year 10-12 boys) and my place (the senior girls).

Lydia and I thought that this would be a great opportunity for us to bond with the girls in a relaxed environment and to get their creative juices flowing by making their mums a mother’s day card and magnet. We had asked for the girls to bring a picture of their mum and them and we’ll provide the rest of the materials.

The night kicked off with a low key dinner made by me (praise God that no one got food poisoning and it everything was edible…although the garlic bread was a little burnt *nervous laugh*) After saying grace, we dug into our food and for the next hour or so our group was content just eating, drinking, chatting and enjoying our time together. I must say, it was a beautiful sight and for that i’m very thankful to God for all the things we shared about to each other.



Moving on, we cleared up that table and then our craft session kicked off. The blank cards and magnets were taken out and the girls were told that they would be attaching their photos to the front of the card when it was completed to their hearts content. Originally, we had planned for the girls to make both a card and a magnet but some of the girls had an awesome idea to combine the two together. So in other words, they can give a card to their mums which can stick onto the fridge at home.




I loved seeing the surprised look on their faces as more and more craft materials were put onto the table. Initially everyone was saying how they aren’t creative and didn’t design their card but with some words of encouragement everyone really got into the groove of it, our hands were busy getting dirty, paper was being cut, shapes being punched out, glitter being sprinkled etc. The house was filled with laughter, voices and music playing in the background. Time passed and as the clock ticked past 10pm, the girls were adamant on staying behind to finish off their cards first *ngawww* (of course their parents were cool with a later pick up than planned otherwise we would’ve been in trouble)

It was a little sad to see everyone go after such a fantastic social, but here is to more awesome bonding and crafting in the future girls. I would be happy to have you over again too 😀


Definitely, Lydia and I felt like the goals we set our for the social were achieved, not only did we make some thoughtful cards for our mums, we were able to try something new and creative, I trusted that our non christian friends were able to feel at ease even more and that not only did we get to learn more about the girls, Lyds and I are confident that they’re able to see what their leaders are like outside of youth group too 🙂



On behalf of the senior girl leaders,


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