November 8, 2014
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Study 2 – We are all Guilty

Week ending – 09/11/2014


Romans 1:18 – 3:20

The whole world is guilty of unrighteousness before God both Jew and Gentiles


1.Why did the God reveal his wrath upon the Gentiles, how is this wrath manifested?

Rom 1: 18 – 20:

  • Wrath of God is being revealed against all the godlessness and wickedness (unrighteousness) of men –> wickedness which suppresses the truth


  • The truth –> what may be known about God (v.19) –> God’s eternal power and divine nature (v.20)


  • This truth –> revealed through creation (natural revelation) (v.20) –> men without excuse (Weirsbe makes note that Human history began with man knowing God)

Despite knowing God, what is the path man took:

  • Rom 1:21-22: worshiped idols instead –> the consequences of which was continued sin
  • Forgot God (Rom 1:28)

In what way did God reveal his wrath?

  • He gave them over to their sin –> deserving of death

Issue of the Law – the gentiles never had the law (revealed the requirements of God)   which were given to the Jews:

  • As a starting point, as per Rom 1:20 the Gentiles has no excuse
  • Rom 2:12 – Those who sin apart from the law will perish apart from the law
    • Rom 2:14 -15, the law was written on the Gentile heart with the conscience acting as a witness

2. How were the Jews just as guilty as the Gentiles?

The Jews were hypocrites (Rom 2:17- 23)

  • The Jew who:
    • Relied on the law
    • Bragged about relationship with God
    • Instructed by the law
    • Guide for the blind
    • Light for those in the dark
    • Instructor for the foolish
    • Teacher of infants
    • Teacher of others
  • Do you not teach yourself?

God does not require an outward circumcision – this is useless if the law is not followed (2:25).

Paul moves on to the new paradigm – circumcision only has value if it is of the heart by the Spirit.

3. What does Paul conclude?

Rom 3:9 – 20

  • Both Jews and Gentiles alike are guilty


  • No one is righteous as all have turned from God


  • All are guilty under the law –> the law serves to reveal sin



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